About us

Founded in 2004, Jiangsu Caina Medical Company Inc. is specialized in medical products. Caina develops, manufactures various medical products as well as laboratory consumables and custom-made products for its worldwide customers.
Research & Manufacture:
Caina has several patented medical products by its researchers and engineers at its research center. The company has 50,000 square meters manufacture facility including 20,000 square meters clean room, which meets the GMP 100,000 class standard. We also have various special machines to meet our customers demand from Fortune 500 companies.
At Caina testing center, we carry out chemical, physical, sterilization and micro-biology test to ensure the products meet our client requirements. All tests are done following the regulations established for medical products by Chinese and International governing bodies. Caina quality management and product are certified by ISO 13485, European CE, and registered with the United States FDA. Caina believes that in order to provide the best products to our customers, a continuous commitment to quality is essential. Caina apply quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) into our research, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service for each product based on total quality management (TQM).
Caina can help customers address their special requirement from a product research to design and development. To a customer unique product, Caina will offer the best solution to satisfy the customer. Caina will serve its clients with perfect products as well as excellent service.







90% of caina products are sold directly to US and European market. We are looking forward to work with any customer around the world. Caina current production capacity is about 200 million syringes and 200 million needles, and our projected annual capacity (1-3 years) is producing 600 million syringes and 500 million needles with the investing on the automatic production line as well as the new facility. Caina focus on the medical devices and lab consumables with our professional experience in this field.  Custom-made products are also welcomed to do production in Caina.