Caina Quality Assurance


   Caina believes that in order to provide the best products to our customers, a continuous commitment to quality is essential. "Quality start from every one" is a not only a slogan in our working facility, but also the caina company's culture . Caina has applied with "quality training course" in the training of every employee, especially the one who will touch the medical parts in the first place.  

     Founded on the backbone of quality, we comply with the highest international quality standards; Caina quality management and product are certified by ISO 13485, European CE, and registered with the United States FDA.  Caina apply quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) into our research, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service for each product based on total quality management (TQM).

      Caina has been doing a lot of OEM business with world-wide Medical companies, who supplied our medical devices directly to the pharmacies and hospitals all around the North America and European.  Our goal is to let the patients, who uses the medical devices we produced, will have the faith in our quality.

Production Flow Chart of Tracking Control